2018 iHeart Jingle Ball

photo of jingle ball ticket

This was my first year attending the iHeart Jingle Ball.  The concert was last night.  It started just before 7pm and ended at almost 11pm. It was hosted by iHeart Radio – www.iheartradio.com (Instagram: #jingleballnorth). I bought a ticket for my daughter’s Christmas gift (and of course, one for me too).

The concert was unforgettable.  A full line up, including Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, The Chainsmokers, Khalid, Dua Lipa, Alessia Cara, Bulow, Tyler Shaw, Delaney Jane, and Loud Luxury.  A bunch of the radio hosts, including, Marilyn Dennis, Roger Ashby, Scott Fox, the Hammer, Jamar and Meredith Shaw were there as well.

My favs

I absolutely love Khalid. He is so talented, has such a huge personality and his music is absolutely amazing.  I already loved most of his songs, but yet, oddly did not pick up his CD – I will definitely go out and buy it now.  www.khalidofficial.com. I was not a huge fan of Dua Lipa (although her songs are catchy) – but I have a new appreciation for the gorgeous energetic rocker!  www.dualipa.com

In this thing called life, one can truly appreciate the musical talent of artists like those named above.  They grace us everyday with music for our souls.  If you did not have a chance to check out the concert this year, I highly recommend you go next year.

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