Why strawberries should not eat ice cream

photo of kid with strawberry painted on his face

Do I have your attention?  I bet you are wondering what this post is about.  Well, pictured above is my son when he was 7 years old.  I believe we were on the Cayman Islands (one of the destinations on our cruise).  All I remember is that it was a scorcher and we were baking in the heat. But that’s not what this blog is about…it’s about a quick review of the 2018 year.

As the 2018 year-end countdown begins, what are the things that I have accomplished this year?

Here are 8 things:

  1. Learning how to illustrate digitally.
  2. Finishing and publishing my own books.
  3. Developing/creating my own website (www.CanadianAdventureBooksbyMonica.com) and blog-site (the one you are on now).
  4. Having a book launch to promote my two books.
  5. Having three book readings.
  6. Changing over to a plant-based diet.
  7. Got rid of my 14-year-old nagging lower back pain.
  8. Learned yoga on my own.

The year is not over. In this thing called life, there is no time like the present to accomplish more things.

What have you accomplished this year? I would love to hear from you!

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