On getting my act together

Time is ticking…gotta makes some moves – Monica

While I usually like to complete tasks basically right away, I also have what I call my “two-week turnaround” time. There are those things that you just don’t feel like doing, like re-caulking the bathroom shower tiles or cleaning out the garage. Or making that phone call to have the furnace fixed or schedule dentist appointments, etc.

Struggle to get moving

Currently, I am struggling with focusing on writing, illustrating and finishing up my third book. Arrggh! There is no absolute deadline, but aiming for sometime this year. There is so little time. So, I am definitely not on a roll. However, it’s super easy once I am on a roll. The ideas for illustration come at super-speed. But sadly, the only time I have to work on my book is before and after office hours at my regular day job. I drop off my kids at school then rush to the office and load up my Adobe Illustrator. So basically, I can work from 9:15am to 10am, then again from 5pm to 5:30pm. Then gotta rush off to make dinner at home.

When I was down to the wire for time for Winter Moose visits Montreal (www.CanadianAdventureBooksbyMonica.com), I had to go into the office at 4am on Saturday and Sunday mornings (before my kids got up) to finalize. No choice when you have the printer pushing for submission.

So you wonder how I have time to blog. Well, again, passion is a driver. It does not take me very long and I love getting things off my chest (like self-therapy) and inspiring/helping people.

Adobe Illustrator

I have mentioned before, but I absolutely love Adobe Illustrator. www.adobe.com. It is so flexible and non-abstract. I am working on a tutorial for beginners to learn some basic techniques in Illustrator. So look out for this incoming posts. I plan to give a demo as I work on my own illustrations for the book. So you will be able to see how I have created my illustrations (almost live).

In thing this called life, we need to figure out how to best manage your time to make every minute count. Food for thought: Time is one thing that we cannot get back. Make the most out of every minute. Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

winter moose
Winter Moose at Kettle Lake.
More adventures of Winter Moose to follow in the New Year!


In this thing called life, we all need a break and time to reflect. I will take a short break from writing this blog for the holidays. So, let’s catch up in 2019!

As if! I am not really taking a break – but need some time to work on my upcoming books:

  1. Winter Moose visits Alberta
  2. A plant-based cookbook – with super easy yet healthy recipes


Follow your passions

I have so much passion for writing, illustrating and photography. All of the photos in my blog posts so far were taken by me, except for Tony Wong’s awesome celebrity photos.

What to look out for next year

Next year, I will share some tips about Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely love this program and use it almost every day. The graphics on some of my posts were created by myself in just a matter of seconds! For example, Bathroom 101, Dominion, etc.

Happy Holidays to all of you out there! And all the best in the 2019 year! – Monica