Happy Holidays!

winter moose
Winter Moose at Kettle Lake.
More adventures of Winter Moose to follow in the New Year!


In this thing called life, we all need a break and time to reflect. I will take a short break from writing this blog for the holidays. So, let’s catch up in 2019!

As if! I am not really taking a break – but need some time to work on my upcoming books:

  1. Winter Moose visits Alberta
  2. A plant-based cookbook – with super easy yet healthy recipes


Follow your passions

I have so much passion for writing, illustrating and photography. All of the photos in my blog posts so far were taken by me, except for Tony Wong’s awesome celebrity photos.

What to look out for next year

Next year, I will share some tips about Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely love this program and use it almost every day. The graphics on some of my posts were created by myself in just a matter of seconds! For example, Bathroom 101, Dominion, etc.

Happy Holidays to all of you out there! And all the best in the 2019 year! – Monica