Hello 2019!

photo of sleeping child who partied too much

Happy New Year and all the best for 2019!

I am back to writing! Hope you had a chance to finish off everything that you needed, to close off the 2018 year…

Over the holidays, I had a chance to sleep in late (8am!), reset my brain, enjoy time with family and friends, work on my upcoming plant-based cookbook, and get myself a tattoo to remind myself of my major accomplishments in 2018 (my two-book launch (www.CanadianAdventureBooksbyMonica.com), the start of my blog and the beginning of my life as a vegan. 

Thank you so much to Deb for answering all my questions and making it easy to set up my appointment and Bryan (a real sweetheart!) at Immortal Impressions in Newmarket (Instagram: @immortalimpressions) for my “just-a-little painful” ten minute tattoo. 

My tattoo story

It is rather funny, because when I got my first tattoo, it seemed so painful.  So when I had my first child, I thought to see whether it was more painful getting a tattoo or giving birth. I decided back then, but of course forgot completely which one.  So, now after so many years, after having my third child without pain-killers, I can definitely say that giving birth is hands down… WAY MORE painful!!! I was so naïve in my early twenties – or it could have been the epidural??

My tattoo (see before and after photos below) reads: This thing called life – the name of my blog.  In this thing called life, anything and EVERYTHING will be thrown at us. 

I really like and relate to @gian.fortune’s (Instagram) comments on getting a tattoo (see post below).  There is always a story behind our tattoos.  I got my first tattoo on the last summer of 1999 (pre-millennial) with my  two sisters (no bros in our family). Sister bonding. Plus added bonus was that if our parents got mad, they would have to be mad at all of us! 

Of course, I was the first to commit to my design (the Chinese character for dragon), so when the tattoo artist asked who would go first, of course, it was needle-scardey-cat – me.

gian.fortune's post

Did you do anything exciting last year? What do you have planned to 2019?  Maybe upcoming travel? A new exercise regiment?  I would love to hear from you…leave me a comment!

Happy Holidays!

winter moose
Winter Moose at Kettle Lake.
More adventures of Winter Moose to follow in the New Year!


In this thing called life, we all need a break and time to reflect. I will take a short break from writing this blog for the holidays. So, let’s catch up in 2019!

As if! I am not really taking a break – but need some time to work on my upcoming books:

  1. Winter Moose visits Alberta
  2. A plant-based cookbook – with super easy yet healthy recipes


Follow your passions

I have so much passion for writing, illustrating and photography. All of the photos in my blog posts so far were taken by me, except for Tony Wong’s awesome celebrity photos.

What to look out for next year

Next year, I will share some tips about Adobe Illustrator. I absolutely love this program and use it almost every day. The graphics on some of my posts were created by myself in just a matter of seconds! For example, Bathroom 101, Dominion, etc.

Happy Holidays to all of you out there! And all the best in the 2019 year! – Monica