Holidays gifts = environmental disaster?


About to wrap up another year.  Goodbye to 2018 and everything we have accomplished this year or everything we want to forget that we did!

I know what you are going to ask… and the answer is: Yes, that’s an autographed photo of Captain High Liner in the background (photo pictured on the right).  I had the honour of meeting the man himself 🙂

Too much packaging

Anyway, I bought a few holiday gifts online for my four-year old.  Pictured above are the nightmarish paper and plastic product protectors that were enclosed in the packaging boxes. Sadly the actual product only takes up a quarter of the box.  Keep this in mind when you order online (and think carbon footprint for the delivery of the package from where ever it is being shipped from).  One of my orders came from China.  I will definitely be more mindful the next time I think to order online.

2019 resolution

REDUCE AND REUSE. And don’t buy so much. If you haven’t noticed already, everything we buy has been over-packaged (a box within a box, then plastic within the box and more cardboard, then more plastic). Our environment needs our help.

5 simple things that make the world a better place

photo of canyon
This is a photo taken by myself at Johnston Canyon, in Banff National Park, Alberta

There’s nothing like overlooking a canyon and hearing the sound of rushing water, to awaken the senses – Monica

Do we have the power to make the world a better place?  You may not believe it, but sometimes simple things can make a big difference in “this thing called life.”

Five simple things to try today

  1. Say hello to a stranger.   
  2. Hold the door open for someone. 
  3. Give up your seat on the subway/train/bus to someone who may need it (such as a pregnant woman – I know I would have appreciated it when I was pregnant, but of course no one offered me a seat).
  4. Give someone in need a hand.
  5. Give your friend or family a friendly pat on the shoulder to let them know you are there for them.