peppa pig figurines
My online order of Peppa Pig figures just arrived. Turns out these are from China!

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping. But what kind of toy, game or books should you buy?  Pictured below are my personal favourite toys/stuffed animals that I have held onto for years.  While it may have looked like I was buying tons of Thomas and Friends Minis and Cars movie cars for my son, I was actually collecting them for myself.  But no one needs to know right?

Even though I have not held onto many things from my childhood, I have kept Hibou and Esh (and his brother Sheen, a dark brown version of Esh).  Even looking at my stuffies now makes me happy.  In this thing called life, we should keep things that make us happy.  However, if you are a pathological hoarder and everything makes you happy – I have different advice (check out future post for this).

My 2018 picks

Games:  Jenga, Kerplunk and 5 Second Rule

Review: Jenga is a classic and lots of fun trying NOT to collapse the tower of blocks. 

The goal of Kerplunk is not to let the marbles fall through the plastic sticks as you pull them out gently. Lots of fun trying NOT to collect marbles.  But my four-year old thinks the goal of the game is to get ALL the marbles and cried when he did not get any. 

5 Second Rule is great fun shouting out the first things that come to your mind when you someone reads of a category (such as name three types of vehicles) and you get 5 seconds to answer.  A great family and friends game.

Toys:  Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig  (yes, I play with these toys too) and Brio World trains and vehicles (although a bit pricey, they have unique everyday items – such as my personal favourite – the metro station set).

Review:  Children love their respective shows/YouTube videos, so they can play with the figurines and vehicles and create their own scenes.  This encourages self-development and creativity (parents: think – time that you don’t need to play with your kids!). The toys are high quality and durable.  Our family dog approves them too – but he chews them instead of playing with them.

Books: My Great Canadian Adventures (pictured above) and Winter Moose visits Montreal  – OF COURSE!

Review: I cannot provide an unbiased review for my own books.  So, please order a set and let me know what you think!

I would love to hear about your favourite childhood toy, game or book.  Let me know!